Quality AKC Chihuahua Puppies For Sale

  by Chielle Chihuahuas

Quality From Quality!

2019 brings plans for several exceptional litters at Chielle Chihuahuas, and I am excited to share my beautiful babies with you!
I breed only a few beautiful and well planned litters a year and from only the best AKC and International Champion bloodlines.  "Quality From Quality" is not just a catchphrase or slogan - it is my promise and my passion!  While I breed first and foremost to build a line of Chihuahuas that are healthy, happy and able to turn heads in the show ring, not all are destined to be show dogs or part of a breeding program, and I do offer superior quality, loving pets.  Unless otherwise noted all Chihuahuas are placed as companions only, without full AKC papers, so please be sure and let me know if you are interested in showing/breeding your new Chihuahua!  I am open to working with caring established show/breeding homes and also helping those new to the breed who want to get started off on the right path and do right by these wonderful little dogs.  Below are some of the lovely puppies I have produced in the past.  Each one is special, and each forever holds a special place in my heart.

Thank you for your interest in a superior quality Champion Line Chihuahua from Chielle Chihuahuas!  Be sure to visit my main website at www.qualitychihuahuas.com to learn more about my beautiful Chihuahua family and the foundation and goals of my program. And while you are there be sure and check out the young adult/adult Chihuahuas available and looking to become your new best friend!

Please do your homework, ask questions, and support only ethical, quality AKC breeders!  


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